We believe in good food from pure soil. We have been refining grain here on the Västgöta plains since 1979. Close to where this great tasting grain is grown.

Our mill on the västgöta plains

Frebaco Kvarn is a family-owned Swedish company that has been refining grain products from the fertile Västgöta plains since 1981. We believe in commitment, creativity and the personal touch. This approach enables us to offer products of the highest quality in a long-term sustainable way. We are not the biggest. But we possess an extraordinary passion for what we do, not least because rather than being driven by quarterly financial reports, we are able to focus on what we believe in. Good and healthy, real food.

Close to the soil

We develop and produce our products in our mill on the Västgöta plains. Here, we are close to most of our raw materials and it is home to our combined know-how on how we can best preserve their nutritious properties and delicious taste. All our products are grain based. A natural and versatile raw material that is a natural staple of all healthy and nutritious diets. Even so, the most important ingredient at the mill is all our dedicated employees. It is their expertise, experience and enthusiasm that makes us who we are. Together with our partners, they ensure that we are continuously improving and developing products that are always of the highest quality.