Nutritious Swedish grain should be an unquestioned kitchen staple. In every home. Which is why we take every precaution to ensure our production is totally nut and almond free.

Free from nuts

Information on how we ensure nut free products.

Our suppliers

All our raw materials, our packaging and the packaging suppliers we commission are carefully chosen and regularly audited. Audits are performed on each new supplier before agreeing contracts signed by both parties or placing any orders. As part of any new audit, we evaluate the trustworthiness and reliability of the supplier and perform a risk assessment of raw materials security especially when it comes to allergens. At this stage, the supplier is also required to certify and sign a binding agreement, in which they guarantee that their facilities have been risk assessed for allergens and our “free from nuts” promise, and that their suppliers can also guarantee nut free processing. Each audit and “free from nuts” certification is reviewed and updated annually.

Receipt of goods inspection

When specifications, analyses and certificates have been agreed and documented in signed agreements with the supplier, our receipt of goods inspection is our first inspection stage. Every receipt of goods inspection is documented via procedures and check lists, to ensure we know what is to be inspected based on our own risk assessments from the supplier audit including shipment to us.

Individual checks/Production facility

Our individual checks consist of procedures for the process paths each individual product is to take to ensure nut free production and our fundamental “free from nuts” specification, FIFO in storage, what cleaning procedures are to be complied with and how often, plus the strict hygiene rules applicable to all personnel, visitors and contractors. All our procedures and checks are based on our documented risk assessments, Swedish legislation and EU Directives. Procedures and our individual inspections are adhered to, monitored and continuously improved via our incident reporting system.

External inspections

External inspections entail our operations being audited by a third party, i.e. audits are performed on site by external parties with regard to both food safety and environment and quality management systems. In addition to the above, we are also audited by our customers in a similar way. Confirmation that we meet the specific requirements and rules and regulations is in the form of Certification, i.e. BRC, ISO (Quality & Environment) plus KRAV/Organic products.


The label “Free from nuts”

By “Free from nuts” we mean in line with EU regulations and the Swedish National Food Agency list of allergens (LIVFS 2004:27), Swedish National Food Agency regulations on the labelling and presentation of food, appendix 1). This list includes almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio nuts and macadamia nuts.

Our “Free from nuts” label also includes peanuts, that are not actually nuts but a member of the Fabaceae family of legumes.

Coconut is not a nut

Many seeds surrounded by a shell are called nuts even though they are not strictly speaking nuts in the botanical definition of nuts. Coconuts are members of the palm family and are not related to other “nuts”. Coconuts are therefore not included on the Food Agency list.