Food grains cause far less emissions than rice, for example. Our Swedish food grains are also grown here on the Västgöta plains where we have our mill. Grain deliveries to us could not be shorter.

Accompaniments from the heart of the västgöta plains

Being climate smart means having the smallest possible climate footprint. In other words, making the smallest possible contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. The food chain in Sweden is estimated to account for 25 percent of Swedish greenhouse gas emissions. In other words, you and your food habits can also do your bit to become more climate smart.

Simply by choosing Swedish food grains as an accompaniment on your plate means you are actually making a big difference. Swedish food grains are far more climate smart than e.g. rice. Partly because food grain cultivation does not give off any methane. But also because it generates substantially less carbon dioxide. All crops that are grown outdoors are more climate smart than crops grown in a heated greenhouse, as they do not require any fossil fuel. They are also far more nutritious. Swedish grain is not just climate smart, it is also packed with wholegrain, fibres and protein that help your body feel good.

How far food is shipped, aka food miles, also plays a big role in climate smart eating. Choosing local meat and grain instead of imported foods makes a big difference. We grow our grain on the Västgöta plains. One of the most fertile soils in Europe. Our mill is also right here, which means the shipping distance could not be shorter. Nutritious, tasty and climate smart.